How to Tell the Authenticate my Bag is Real Designer Purse and a Knockoff

Difference Between a Real Designer Purse anda Knockoff

Tell the Authenticate my Bag is Real Designer 

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Difference Between a Real Designer Purse anda Knockoff

Designer purses are a must for many people and finding an affordable deal often feels like you’ve been on a treasure hunt. That being said however, knockoffs are everywhere and buyers should be leery or deals that are just too good to be true. There are a few different ways that you can tell if a purse is a knockoff or the real deal and having these tips around can help save you a ton of trouble.


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With high price bags the stitching is likely to be hand sewn. This means that workers must pay attention to the size, shape, number, and uniformity of stitches. Even if a bag is not hand sewn, higher price bags always have better stitching. The better and more even stitching is a reflection of the increased price that you pay for a higher quality bag. With a knock off bag however, the stitching is likely to be loose, non uniform, and can even be easily frayed or damaged. This is the first thing you should look for when trying to determine if a bag is a knockoff or not.


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The second and easiest way to determine definitively if a bag is a fake is to pay close attention to the logos. Each brand has a specific logo that they have chosen to help represent their brand on a global scale. This logo as such is a very important part of any bag. It is often on display no matter what, even in solid print bags that are not logo bags, to help others identify this bag as an original. With a Louis Vuitton bag for example, these bags are made of one piece of genuine Italian leather. As such, if you purchase a bag that has logos that are upright on both sides, you have a fake. With Coach bags, a logo bag will never have a logo lining. With Chanel bags, the right C always overlaps the left. Taking the time to study the logos of real bags as opposed to fake bags can help turn you into an eagle eye when it comes to spotting fake bags. Each brand has very carefully created their logo and it is always a tell tale sign of a fake.

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The last thing you need to look at is overall quality of your bag. If it feels cheap and you paid a fourth of what you should have for a bag from that designer, it is likely a fake. The way that companies and sellers that distribute fake bags make their money is by using the cheapest labor and products possible to help cut costs and make the largest profit margin.

Keeping these three factors in mind while shopping for your next high end designer bag is the best and easiest way to insure you have a great bag that is worth the money you spent on it. If you are unsure of the seller, it is always best to talk to a professional or just buy directly from the designer or designer outlet to make sure your bag is the real deal.


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