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Ayurveda definition & PANCHAKARMA

Ayurveda definition & Vedic Science

For healthy living

Ayurveda definition

Most ancient health science amongst the existing medical sciences which is created for Universal Health Science; donated by Lord Bramha of Hindu Mythology 5000 years B.C.

This science is based upon clear concepts and principles derived from continuous experiments on human beings. Like five elements Earth, Water, Energy(Tej), Gas(Vayu), and Space are occupying the body internally and externally. Systematic division of medical knowledge in eight branches which is followed even now is done firstly by Ayurveda. eg. Shalya Chikitsa – Surgery, Kaya Chikitsa – General medicine.

None can deny for respecting Sushrutacharya – for performing the first surgical procedure of corn and cataract surgery on a live human being. Historical evidence of Organ Transplant is available which strongly suggest of well-skilled surgeons were existing in Ayurveda.

Civic science – preventive and social medicine originated from Ayurveda which is seen in the history of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro which explains the importance of social hygiene like -Drainage of savages. Prevention is always better than cure. This thought is thought by Ayurveda. Hence it provides clear diet-schedules according to seasonal change and ethics of behavior- exercises according to each individual personalities. eg. Avoiding Alcohol and Sex in excess in summer and Arabian countries. Early morning exercise and meditation in all seasons for fitness of body-n -soul.


PANCHAKARMA- is the head part of therapy which is a high profile for all aspects of life. Aging is unavoidable but still, Ayurvedic lifestyle and medicines give a strong bypass to all aging problems and even sex. Sexual problems are well solved by Herbal Treatment.

Senile problems can be easily over crossed by PANCHAKARMA and VAAJIKARAN therapy and life can be easily elongated in a healthy manner. eg. Graying of hair. The important truth is all the fundamentals of Ayurveda are still equally true and practically applicable as they were 5000 B.C.

Ayurveda definition

Accurate analysis of diseases, a causality of disease and treatment according to each personality verifying symptoms. Cause correcting treatment gives complete care to the patient. The best example is Constipation. which is very well explained by Ayurveda with causes and effects.

The difference in symptoms and diseases, all steps of disease formation with causes and simplification of problems according to the need of the patient. Cardinal signs of easy diagnosis and also pre-intimating signs providing signals of emergency are given in detail.

Acceptance of Soul-Mind explains the impact of Soul on the body is given in detail. eg. Psychological changes during all phases of life are explained. Some of the diseases like Hysteria are also given in detail.

This is the only science which explains us about complete truth of life and gives guidelines to everybody. Astrology – Yoga -Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. These are gifted by the same seven layers of skin. All microscopical parts of eyeball were explained in detail by Sushruta.

Caesarian- a common emergency of Gyneac & Obstetrics along with causes and the surgical procedure is given. Types of malformation of Foetus, Twins, etc are also explained in KaumarBhritya. Ethical conceptions, ideal Sexual Sittings are an attraction of human mind even today.

Auroplasty- a very common procedure is very well defined in 54 ways. Deviated nasal septum, Tinnitus deafness -types & solutions are provided in ShalyaTantra.Ophthalmology was very well advanced along with surgical invention.

Ayurvedic doctors

Importance of blood, all basic pathways for managing the Haemorrhage are provided and followed as it is by advance sciences. eg. Cautery, Cryo techniques in Piles, Fissure, Fistula were routine procedures for all Ayurvedic doctors. All types of Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity and Ascites are very well given by Veda.



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