How to Convert a Shirt & Tshirt Into a Dress

Convert a Shirt Into a Dress

Convert a Shirt Into a Dress

How to Convert a Shirt Into a Dress

Convert a Shirt Into a DressSummer is about bursts of color, fashion, style and fun. Few wardrobes would be complete without colorful T-shirts that are versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit. Another great way to use t-shirts is to recycle them into fun, stylish and sexy summer dresses. Instead of spending a fortune on new clothes convert last year’s t-shirts into this year’s summer fashion.

How to cut a Tshirt into a dress

To convert a tshirt to dress diy into a summer dress select bright colored, long t-shirts. Colors, such as red, orange or greens are fun, trendy, and stylish. Make sure before beginning cutting the shirt that the shirt is long enough to style a dress from. If it is not, convert into a halter top instead.

Lay the tshirt to dress diy, right side up, on a flat table surface. Cut the sleeves from the T-shirt, from the shoulders to underneath the arms. Cut the neckline from the shirt in a straight line, across the top of the shirt. Fold a piece over, on top of the shirt material from just below the arm pit and cut. This will create the open back, halter effect. Fold shirt inside out for sewing. Begin sewing each side cut by hand, with needle and thread. When finished turn to right side again.

Take the two sleeve pieces previously cut from the tshirt to dress diy and cut one fourth of each sleeve off. Take the two larger triangle pieces and lay on the left side and on right side of the top of the material. Pin in place. Begin sewing each piece in place from the back of the material, and make sure to sew at the center as well.

Next, take the neckline material, previously cut from the shirt, and begin cutting a round piece from the neckline of the shirt material. Once finished cutting there should be a long piece of material to attach to the back of the shirt dress, which will extend from each shoulder around the neck. Attach each side of the long piece of material to each triangle, triangles that were previously sewn on the shirt. Sew into place on the back of the triangle material with needle and thread. This style creates a halter style shirt dress, with an open back.

Convert a Shirt Into a DressOnce finished sewing the dress it’s now ready to wear. Lines of sequins and beads can also be sewn beneath the bust line of the dress for extra style and flair. Fancy transfer iron on decals can be ironed onto the t-shirt dress, as well as glittery summer scenes for added style. The dress can be worn alone, or as a great bathing suit cover up for sunny days at the beach. Couple the dress with stylish flip flops, strapped summer shoes, or red wedges. Accessorize with shiny beads, chokers, hoop earrings and colored hair pieces, stylish purses and satchels.

It is a great casual dress, but can also be dressed up with casual short jackets, thin sweaters or a loose shirt for additional style or comfort. The best thing about the dress is it presents great ways to recycle clothing and create fun new fashions. Before buying new clothing recycle and recreate.





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