How to Fix Brittle Hair & Get Dry Brittle Hair Treatment Ideas

How to Fix Brittle Hair

How to Fix Brittle Hair

Dry brittle hair falling out

Very Dry Hair Hreatment

Everyone, and especially women, want luscious and healthy Very Dry hair that shines and bounces. It is hair everyone craves as it is healthy and looks simply stunning as it is thick and full all the time. However, many people overtax their hair or perhaps do not care for their hair in the proper manner for one reason or another and thus many end up having brittle hair.

How to Fix Brittle Hair

Dry Brittle Hair Treatment

Brittle hair is rather challenging as it makes styling hair impossible as each pass of a blow dryer or flat iron tends to break off more and more pieces of the hair. This is hard to handle for those who want great looking hair and great hairstyles. The key when one has brittle hair is to get the hair in a better state and condition so it can once again have that healthy look.

Dry brittle hair falling out

The first thing that needs to happen when one has brittle hair is to seek out the services of a professional at a spa or salon for a great hair cut. This is key to starting to repair the  dry hair as the right cut will make the hair lay in a better position and the cut alone will cut off those highly damaged areas that cannot be fixed. In fact, brittle hair needs to be cut to a length where the better conditioned hair begins and for some this may mean cutting off more than they want; but it is necessary as brittle hair can keep breaking over time and get worse as time passes.

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Once hair has been cut or trimmed and is starting to be in a better state, the right hair care routine needs to be put in to place. The first step is to switch to the right shampoo and conditioner that is designed to baby brittle hair. These are the formulas that help repair hair from the inside out and give the hair more strength to make it less brittle. One may also want to consider taking a vitamin or supplement to further help heal hair from the inside out as sometimes brittle hair does not come from over styling or color but rather from nutrition.

Best shampoo for dry brittle hair

After one starts caring for their hair better they will start to slowly notice the hair is stronger and not so brittle. The way this happens is to be gentle on hair. For most that means steering clear of harsh dyes or chemicals, not using hair dryers but allowing hair to air dry and not using hot styling tools, very often. One can change their brittle hair if they take the time to change their hair habits. It may mean a new look for some; but in the end that healthier hair that comes about is well worth it in the end and then one can get back to having the hair they want. The important part is to make sure that brittle hair has time to heal and be repaired before starting to style and color hair once again.


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