Do The Perfect Flapper Hairstyle For Long Hair & Medium Hair For Best Hairstyles

How to Do a Flapper Hairstyle

Do The Flapper Hairstyle

 Do a flapper hairstyles for medium hair & flapper hairstyles for long hair 

How to Do a Flapper Hairstyle1920s hairstyles for long hair flappers vintage look is always in style, particularly with hairstyles. We often see actresses with perfect hair portrayed on screen and wonder how we, as regular people, can achieve that look. Hollywood pays big money for the best stylists to make the actresses hair looks like it was put there by otherworldly beings. As if angels themselves descended from on high and touched the heads of these rare people to make the rest of us green with envy. As these hairstyles look very complicated, most are surprisingly very simple. There is no need to go out and spend a lot of money to get that desired look.

One simple, yet elegant hairstyle is “the flapper” from the forties. This is a very classy look and can be achieved with by following a few easy to follow steps.

With any project we must first have the right tools. For this hairstyle you will need:

  • Hairspray
  • Sectioning clips
  • Comb
  • Curling tongs
  • Brush
  • Pins to hold the hair

Flapper hairstyles for medium hair

Step 1.

Start with clean, dry hair. Prep hair with strong hold moose. A good moose will allow hair to hold a style without being heavy and weigh hair down.

Step 2

Using sectioning clips, divide hair into three sections on the crown of the head leaving hair at the bottom for curling later.

Step 3

Divide the middle section in half. Take one of the middle sections and spray with hairspray, not to the point of being sticky, but tacky enough to give a nice hold. Roll section using curling tongs. Using two fingers roll hair around fingers and twist onto top of the head. Use a pin to hold it in place and more hairspray to stabilize twist. Repeat this step with the other three sections of hair.

Step 4

Remaining hair is to be curled to one side of the head. Either side of the head will work, so long as you curl only to the left or only to the right. Do not interchange the direction of the curl. Section the hair into one inch sections. Brush each section thoroughly to ensure there are no knots and hair is smooth. Using curling tongs curl each section to one side of the head and use hairspray while curling to ensure a good hold. Brush each section out after curling. Once all sections are curled and brushed out, pin hair behind the ear to hold it in place.

Flapper hairstyles for long hair

By following these few steps you too can have this very classic look. When others are still putting their hair into a plain ponytail or just brushing through their hair just to get out the door, you will look like a Hollywood princess. Heads will turn as you walk down the street looking as though you just walked out of the vintage past and onto the streets of modern society. No one need know that this look was not achieved by some high priced hair stylist, but by thine own artful hand and it took less time than most people spend putting on makeup. So, go ahead and make other jealous. Take on the world with a great hairstyle because a great look always starts at the top.


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