How to Do Cool Winter Makeup

How to Do Cool Winter Makeup - StylePedia

How to Do Cool Winter Makeup

Do Cool Winter Makeup

Cool Winter Makeup

Winter is a time where most people huddle up and stay in doors. That being said, many people do not really wear all that much makeup during the cold season. There are however some great makeup tips that you can take with you that will make for a great winter makeup look. Here are five steps to a totally fantastic winter look that will have you warmed up in no time.

First, apply foundation all over the skin. You should choose a foundation that is lights and luminescent for a great sheen that is not really all that shiny. Using a foundation that is brightening is the best way to shake off the winter blues without being too sparkly and glittery as you might be during the summer months. It is also important that during the winter months you set your foundation. Heat in homes and buildings can make your foundation run which is not in the least bit cool.

Second, apply eye shadow. The best shadow for winter is of course something shimmery and pearl toned. Something like Daniel Sandler Celestial Pink is a great choice as it is frosted and silvery which matches perfectly with the winter weather. This type of color works to brighten the eyes and give you a glittery effect. Using actual glitter is another way to brighten up your look giving you a Christmas effect.

Third, you now want to use eyeliner and mascara. Try using a formula that is velvet finish as metallic eyeliner is going to be too much for this look. You should us a black liner on the lash line and lengthening mascara on top and bottom lashes. Apply generous coats to get great length to help open up eyes and add a freshness to your look. This will make you look bright eyed and awake, a must during the dull winter months.

Fourth, apply powder, applying powder can help set the face and can also help to give you some color during the bland winter months. You should apply a powder that matches your face and consider some face color like blush, highlight, and contour. It is important that you powder your t zone to prevent any oil build up during the day that can add unsightly shine to the face essentially ruining the look.

Fifth, the last step is lipstick. Try using a lipstick that is warm and vibrant like Clarins Rouge Eclat. This lipstick is warm toned which will help give you a summery look, even in the middle of the coldest months of winter. Using a warm tone makeup will help to bring out the natural warmth of your face making for a great summery look that will help you forget about the cold winter months.

Finding a perfect winter makeup look is easier than you might have ever imagined. There are plenty of products that you can use and the steps listed here are just a few steps to help you get the perfect winter look no matter what.



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