How to Do Pixie Lott Inspired Makeup


How to Do Pixie Lott Inspired Makeup

 Do Pixie Lott Inspired Makeup

Pixie Lott Inspired MakeupWe’re enchanted with Pixie Lott’s wild, fun makeup looks. With her signature dramatic eye makeup, Pixie always stuns.

You’ll need the following for your face: foundation, concealer, setting powder, and a matte warm rose or terra cotta blush. For eyes: a black cream or gel eyeliner, and an angled brush to apply it, black eye pencil, black powder eyeshadow, white powder eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, black mascara and false eyelashes. For lips, choose one: a nude lipcolor with sheen or sparkle, or a coral or orange-red lipcolor, also glossy, shiny or sparkly. Optional for your lips: a matching glossy color to layer on top.

Start with smooth skin by using a lightweight foundation all over your face. Apply a concealer on your eyelids and right below your eyes. Apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks, and don’t be afraid to blend your color right up into your hairline. Pixie wears a strong matte cheek color, so you can use a slightly heavier hand.

Now let’s move onto the eyes. Fill in your brows with the brow pencil. Pixie’s brows are very dark against her blond hair, but no matter your hair color, just make those browns dark.

Pixie’s graphic black winged eyeliner is surprisingly simple with the right makeup and tools. Start with a black gel or cream eyeliner and a tiny angled brush. Beginning in the center of your upper eyelid, apply a thick line of black eyeliner, moving outward to the outside corner of your eye. Go back to the center and fill in the inner corner of your eye. Return to the upper outer corner of your eye, and make a dark dot where you want your “wing” to end. Then bring your eyeliner back onto your lid, connecting the lines to create a strong, upward-lifted wing.

Now use the gel eyeliner under the eye, starting from your outside corner. Connect your upper wing line to the lower lid, and draw that line all the way to the inside of your eye. Fill in your lower lash line with the black pencil.

Now take your powder eyeshadow, and load it up onto a slightly stiff brush. Pack the powder shadow right on top of the gel line. This will darken the line as well as give it staying power. Trace over the entire line, top and bottom. Then use the same powder along the outside edges of the gel line, to soften the look a tiny bit. You can use a sponge brush or a cotton swab to soften the line a little bit (don’t smudge it). Dab your white shadow along the top lid to keep the dark color from transferring.

Apply mascara like crazy (curl your lashes) and apply the false lashes on top. Pixie has dark, very defined lashes.

Apply your lipcolor! Pixie loves a classic nude lip, or a coral color. Use a shiny gloss on top to make the look summery.

Get ready to kiss the stars with this edgy and fun makeup look!


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