How to Do Natural Bronze makeup look Glowing Winter Skin Makeup

How to Do Glowing Bronzed Summer Skin Makeup

How to Do Summer Skin Makeup

 Do Glowing Bronzed Summer Skin Makeup

There is something about being at the beach that gives one this amazing summer sun kissed look. It is a look people adore and it simply makes everyone look more radiant and alive. It is a look many think can only happen by spending a great day out in the sun and at the beach; but with a few simple makeup tips and tricks, anyone can have that glowing, bronzed summer skin and then a touch of perfect makeup to play up the look that will have anyone looking their best.

Natural bronze makeup look

The key to the look is to get the right foundation and base look in place. This starts by using a foundation that is not matte but more dewy. The shades should be just one shade darker than ones natural or current skin tone as this will give the illusion of that summer sun kissed skin. The foundation is applied to skin that has been cleaned and moisturized. Then it is allowed to dry and set before proceeding to layer on the rest of the bronzed look.

The bronze effect comes from using a face bronzer all over. This should be a shimmering shade that is a shade lighter than the foundation as it is used to accent and highlight the face. The bronzer should have a bit of sparkle and shimmer to create that glowing look everyone desires. To use the bronzer, work with loose bronzer and a large, natural bristle brush. Tap and swirl the brush in the bronzer and then tap the sides of the container to remove excess so not too much is applied. Start with the cheeks and sweep the bronzer on and in an upward manner. Then swirl and tap again to get more on the brush and then use the same light touch to add bronzer to the forehead, chin and nose. This gives the face an all over bronzed look.

Bronze makeup for dark skin

To complete this summery look, use light colored eye colors such as taupe, light blue, gold, light golden brown, light pink, light purple or even pale green. Use a light colored eyeliner and mascara to also make the eyes pop but not take away from the light look of the face that is reminiscent of summertime. This is key as heavy eye makeup will distract from the glowing skin that was created by using the bronzer all over the face. One can even lighten the eyes up even more by sweeping a light dusting of the bronzer over the finished look for even more of a glowing face.

The final touch are the lips and to complete this summer face, one needs a pale color and bit of shine. This works best when one uses a pink or light brown shade for the lips. Apply with a brush for a lighter touch and then use a lip sine over top to make the lips look dewy as well. This total look really is easy to create at home and does not require a day at the beach.


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