How to Make Shampoo and Conditioner to sell For Home Business

How to Make Your Own Shampoo

How to Make Your Own Shampoo

Make Your Own Shampoo

How to Make Your Own ShampooWe’ve gotten very accustomed to having products like soaps, lotions, conditioners, and shampoos available for our regular use. Many of us may think that these can only be accessed from a store, as manufactured articles. Not so! We can make our own toiletries quickly and easily at home, using ingredients that can be sourced at local grocery and health stores…..if we haven’t already got them on our shelves at home!

How to produce hair shampoo

Making your own fresh and healthy shampoo is a case in point. The following ingredients make up a shampoo that is not only really good for your hair, but that is also socially and environmentally responsible. Best of all, it avoids harsh chemicals. Everything used in it is organic and vegan.

How to make shampoo from scratch

To begin, gather your ingredients. You’ll need 4 ounces of distilled or spring water, 4 ounces of liquid castile soap, and a half-teaspoon of an herbal oil. . (The liquid castile soap is very gentle on your hair, since it is not a detergent; rather, it is made from vegetable oils such as those made from coconut or grapeseed.) We all love beautifully scented shampoo, so be sure to add a pretty scent to this batch as well. Try a lemon-rosemary combo, consisting of four drops of lemon essential oil plus four drops of rosemary essential oil. The lemon helps give your hair shine by removing any product build-up; rosemary is a natural conditioner. An essential oil, by the way, if made from the distilled herbal matter itself, and so is 100% non-synthetic and totally natural.

When you’ve got all your ingredients ready, mix them together in a small bowl using a whisk or wooden mixing spoon. When all are completely incorporated, find a small container with a lid and funnel the whole mixture in. You’ll find that this mixture is not as thick and concentrated as store-bought shampoo. You’ll need to use rather more of your home-made formula to wash your hair really thoroughly. Pour about two tablespoons of the shampoo into wet hair and work up a light, gentle lather. Rinse thoroughly, and you’ll be very pleased with the results: clean, gently scented hair that has bounce, shine, and great manageability.

But the best thing about this homemade shampoo is its freshness: it’s a formula put together especially by and for you, so you know that it hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for a very long time. There are no preservatives in it, so store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. It will keep for about a week. Try varying the essential oils you use to add fragrance. How about a peppermint oil with a touch of lime oil for a real wake-me-up scent? Lavender is a perennial favorite, especially when used in soaps and shampoos; try four drops of lavender with four drops of rosemary. Any of the rose scents (attar of roses, rose geranium, rosewood) will make a lovely shampoo, and can be mixed with lavender, rosemary, and other fragrance oils to create a fascinating blend.


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