How to Repair Damaged Hair Naturally Treat & Fix Damaged Hair

How to Repair Hair

How to repair damaged hair fast

How to Repair Hair

Repair Hair For use The damaged hair products

No one wants a head of hair that feels like straw. If you’ve managed to damage your hair through heating, coloring or other factors, don’t despair. There are several measures you can take to repair hair. Read on to find out how you can get back silky hair.

Repair Severely Chemically Damaged Hair

  • Treat
    Before you wash your hair, treat it using an oil such as carrot or coconut oil, or use a hair mask. If you can’t afford one, make your own hair mask at home with lemon juice, honey, olive oil and egg yolk. Simply spread this mask or oil all over your hair, put a plastic bag over your head and leave the substance in the hair for about an hour. After, wash your hair and remove the mask. This will treat the hair, returning essential oils and filling the broken fibers. Do this one to three times a week, depending on the level of damage of your hair.

How to fix Damaged Bleached hair

Shampoo & Condition
It’s a good idea to invest in a quality shampoo. Cheap shampoos often contain harsh cleansers that destroy the hair. Also, when washing hair, simply wash the roots and not the ends. The ends will get washed as the water and shampoo run down the hair when you are rinsing. Finally, only wash your hair two to three times a week. Water makes the hair weak and removes essential oils. By lowering the amount of times you wash your hair, the hair fibers will have time to heal with your natural oils. Deep condition the hair one to three times a week. You can buy a deep conditioner or make one at home. Only deep condition the ends and leave the product on for at least fifteen minutes. This will help heal the hair and make it look healthy.

  • Heating and Styling
    Use an oil on the ends after washing your hair and always after styling. An oil will protect your hair from heat and make it look smooth and beautiful. Try to air dry your hair as much as possible. Don’t blow dry it while it’s still soaking wet and use the lower and colder settings to reduce damage on hair. If you can avoid the blow dryer, ditch it. Similarly, don’t straighten your hair with your straightener on the highest heat setting. If you must straighten your hair, use lower heat settings.

Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair Salon

Cutting your hair will remove the damaged ends and allow healthy hair to grow. It’s recommended to cut your hair once every 6-8 weeks. If you are trying to grow your hair, you can go up to 12 weeks. You only have to cut about half an inch each time, but this will assure you are removing the damaged pieces and getting closer to beautiful, healthy hair.

Homemade Hair Treatment for Damaged hair

Another way to get healthy hair is by taking vitamins. While these vitamins can’t change the hair you already have on your head, it can make the hair you grow come in thicker and stronger, which will be less likely to get damaged. Vitamins can also help hair grow faster. Vitamins to consider include biotin, collagen, multivitamins and vitamins with folic acid. These vitamins will assure you grow healthy, beautiful hair.



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