How to tie a tie Fancy With the Simple Windsor Knot

How to Tie a Tie With the Simple Windsor Knot

How to tie a tie Fancy

How to Tie a Tie

The Windsor knot is a quick and effortless way to tie a tie. By following these simple steps, the task of tying this knot can be easily mastered.

When looking at the tie, the question may arise “Which side is which?” In this case, the larger or smaller side make no difference in placement. This decision should be based on preference, however for this tutorial, we will place the larger side on the right.

After choosing the desired tie, position it over the open collar, around the neck.
The tie should be flat around the neck and the chest, with the flat-side facing out.
Adjust the sides for length, allowing the skinny side on the left to fall less than half the length of the larger end.

With the left hand, pull the skinny end towards the right and with the right hand, cross over this with the larger side to form an “X.” This shape should be held at the intersection with one hand, while the other hand ties the knot. Allow several inches of space between this intersection and the neck. This “hole” is the tying hole.

Using the free hand, grasp the larger side and flip it up under the intersection and bring it through the top of the hole. It should be face-side out. With the same larger section, pull it to the left, before inserting it through the top of the tying hole and pulling it under the knot. The wider side should now be on the right side of the chest with the seam-side out. It may be easier to allow the end to rest on the shoulder slightly before performing the next step.

Again grabbing the larger side, flip this around before inserting and pulling the end through the top of the tying hole, being sure to avoid twisting and tightness on the knot. The larger side should now be seam-side out and under the knot. With the hand holding the knot, place a single finger over the knot.

Again, with the larger side, pull it out towards the left and wrap it around the front of the knot towards the right, loosely over the finger. Allow this end to rest on your right shoulder, before looping it under the right side of the tying hole. The larger end should be coming straight up from the tying hole.

With the finger still placed on the knot, allow adequate space to feed the larger end straight down between the knot and the wrap that was just performed. Pull this end through tightly while ensuring that the face-side is out.

Adjust the knot by pinching the bottom and pulling the top sides apart. To tighten the tie, grasp the bottom front of the knot with one hand, while holding the shorter skinny side in the other hand. Pull the short side with one hand while readjusting the knot back to a center position with the other hand. Once in place, simply flip the collar and button.


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