How to Straighten Hair Without a Straightener or Products

How to Keep Your Hair Straight

How to Keep Your Hair Straight


How to Keep Your Hair Straight

It is the say old saying. Everyone girl wants what the other girl has. Girls with straight hair want curly hair and girls with curly hair want straight hair. Girls with straight hair can easily add volume and luxurious curls with the use of a curling iron or a chemical treatment such as a perm or body wave. If they desire straight hair again they can let the treated hair grow out or they can blow dry it and have straight locks of hair. Life is not as easy for girls with curly hair. In order to achieve straight hair a flat iron may be used or a chemical treatment such as a Keratin treatment can be used to straighten hair. Using a flat iron repeatedly can cause heat damage to fragile hair and it is a time consuming process. Another way to straighten hair is to use a brush and blow dryer. This is a long process and similarly to using a flat iron it makes the hair brittle and easily damaged. Unfortunately after all this time straightening hair, if the humidity is high or it begins to rain flat ironed and brush blow dried hair will begin to frizz which is a faux pas when it comes to hairstyles. Using a chemical treatment such as Keratin allows individuals to have straight hair with little maintenance. If properly cared for Keratin treatments can last for several weeks to several months depending on the treatment.

How to keep your hair straight without heat

One type of Keratin treatment is called Keratin complex blow dry. Keratin is added to the hair and then to straighten the hair it is flat ironed several times to maintain its straight sleek look. There are two types of Keratin treatments. One is only temporary and the other is long lasting. A temporary Keratin treatment requires less time in the salon and costs a lot less money than a Keratin complex blow dry. Temporary treatments can last up to 6 weeks. On the other hand if money is not a concern a permanent treatment will take longer in the hair stylist’s chair, but will last from 4 to 6 months if properly maintained.

How to Keep Your Hair Straight in Humidity

The wonderful thing about a Keratin complex blow dry is it decreases the amount of frizz of the hair by about 95%. This means when humidity is high or it begins to rain treated hair will not begin to frizz. If a flat iron or regular bush and blow dry method is used to straighten hair frizz is inevitable. Many people cringe at the idea of the maintenance that chemically treated hair requires. However a Keratin complex blow dry is easily maintained. All that is required is to blow dry your hair. A brush is not needed to straighten the hair because regular blow drying is all that is needed to keep the hair straight. Since Keratin treatments reduce frizz by 95%, if you want a completely straight glossy look a flat iron for a few seconds over a section of hair will complete the look.

How to Keep Your Hair Straight


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