How to Make Diy Glitter Heels

How to Make Diy Glitter Heels

How to Make Diy Glitter Heels

Make Diy Glitter Heels hairspray on glitter shoes

How to Make Diy Glitter Heels

Almost every woman has at least one pair of heels in their closet that they are debating tossing in the garbage or donating. Perhaps they are just old or maybe they are last year’s fashion. However, why not repurpose them instead! You can do this simply by creating your own personalized glitter heel.

How to seal glitter on shoes

The first thing you will need to do is gather the supplies you will need hairspray on glitter shoes. The first thing you will need as an old pair of heels. You will also want to grab a paint brush, a roll of masking tape, some white glue, a small bowl, a pair of scissors and a bowl of glitter. You can use any color of glitter you want for this project to personalize your heels any way you want. You will also want to cover your work space with a piece of newspaper.

Best glue for glitter shoes

Once you have gathered your supplies and covered your work area with the newspaper, you will need to mask off the heel of your shoe. With the masking tape in hand, measure off a piece approximately the length of your wrist to your forearm. Cut the piece of tape from the roll using the scissors. Next, take the piece of tape and wrap it around the back of the shoe along the seam where the heel meets the shoe. Make sure you get a nice clean line while doing this so that your end result will look crisp and clean. Use as many pieces of tape as you need to mask off the heel of the shoe. This step is important so that when you apply the glitter it does not get all over the rest of the shoe. Continuing wrapping until you have the heel masked off and then do the same to the other shoe.

Next, take your glue and squirt it into the small bowl. You will need a lot of glue so go ahead and squirt the whole bottle into the bowl. Take your paintbrush and dip it into the glue. Paint the entire heel of one shoe, front and back, with the glue. Hold the shoe over the newspaper and dump the glitter in the bowl onto the heel of the shoe. Make sure that you coat the front and back of the heel by turning the shoe in all directions.

Once one of the heels is complete, put it to the side to dry. Fold the newspaper in half and dump the unused glitter back into the bowl. Repeat the above process for the second heel and put it aside to dry.

Allow the pair of heels to dry for approximately 24 hours. Once the glue has dried, you will want to remove the masking tape from the shoe. Make sure to do this slowly and carefully in order to get the cleanest lines possible.

Now that old pair of shoes is transformed and ready for you to wear for a night out on the town or maybe just to the office. Enjoy!



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