How to make a sarong dress with straps &How to wear Sarong dress

How to Tie a Sarong as a Skirt

How to wear sarongs step by step

How to Tie a Sarong as a SkirtThe Sarong is truly a girl’s best friend. There are so many ways to use and wear a sarong that make the cloth quite valuable and affordable. There are six easy steps to tie a sarong into a perfect skirt fit for any occasion.

Sarong dress pattern free & How to make a sarong dress with straps

First, hold the sarong behind you with your arms extended to the sides. You can determine the length you want for your skirt at this very first step. You can also decide the waist length for any body type from a low rise to a mid or high rise.

Second, cross your arms out in front of you. As simple as that, you can now move onto the third easy step. Make sure you are leaving as much length as possible in the ends of the sarong because you will need them for further wrapping.

Third, take the two ends that you are holding which have just been crossed and cross them again. This creates a nice wrap over knot to be used in the next step. Again, make sure to leave as much length as possible. You will need it in the next step.

Fourth, wrap the skirt around your body to the front. This will make the second layer of the sarong skirt. Keep an eye on where your ends are. You will want them to be close to each other for the final step.

Fifth, do the exact step as the fourth except wrap the sarong to the back with the other side of the sarong end. Again, keep an eye on where your ends are. This is pertinent for the next final step.

The sixth and final step is simply to tie the short ends together. You should have the two ends near each other by now to complete this step. That’s it! You’ve done it! Now go out and rock your sarong skirt wherever you would like. Your friends will surely want to join in the stylish fun!

To make your style even more unique, you can choose to place the tie on your side, back or front. Let your inner-stylist shine with this easy wrap to create your favorite skirt from a sarong.

We’ve included a looping video for your convenience so that you can visual these steps and practice with the model in the video. This is a way to tie your sarong as a skirt with no additional accessories. But if you would like, you can check out our sarong ties to help with this process if you prefer to use a tie rather than no tie.

Extra Tips: The possibilities for how and where to wear your sarong skirt are seemingly endless. This can be long or short, casual or formal. You can even use it as a quick wrap over a swimsuit if you’re going to the beach or pool. Experiment with lengths and colors to expand your wardrobe. Accessorizing is also fun when wearing your sarong as a skirt. You can use belly chains, belts or other fun accessories from this site.


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